Career Coaching for Tech Employees

Going to school and taking courses taught you the technical skills to do your job. Now it’s time to learn the emotional skills to create a crazy-fulfilling career. Learn the 3 biggest mistakes tech employees make that create overwhelm and stress.


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Our discussions always revolve around the specifics of certain situations, however, I find that Lindsay’s pragmatic advice extends beyond to other avenues as well. It has been truly refreshing and inspirational. I look forward to continue learning, discussing, and leaning on her.


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When I found Lindsay, I had no motivation at work, dreaded going in, and had so much anxiety. I use to lose sleep because I was sure I would screw something up if I got paged. Working with her taught me how to better manage the stress, build my self-confidence, and find my motivation again.


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This coaching was very beneficial and highly recommend it to anyone who is trying to figure out their next move in a job or life. Since getting coaching, I already notice a difference in how I view myself at work and how I respond to situations I once used to respond to negatively.

Amazon Employee

Hey, I’m Lindsay Lyman

I spent the last 11+ years growing my career at Amazon.

I’ve built teams, launched new products, been promoted multiple times, and created my own jobs. But it hasn’t always been fun or easy.

I felt anxious all the time because there was so much to do. I would dread going to work in the morning but felt stuck and trapped in the golden handcuffs. I was sick of watching my amazing coworkers leave the company completely exhausted and full of self-doubt and knew I was heading in that same direction.

That’s when I hired a coach and everything changed. Learning how to feel empowered using logical tools made all the difference. Turns out there was nothing wrong with me. I just hadn’t learned how to manage the emotional side of my career.

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