Hey, I’m
Lindsay Lyman

Insecure overachiever turned confident leader

about lindsay lyman

I spent the last 11 years growing my career at one of the largest tech companies in the world.

I’ve built teams, launched new products, been promoted multiple times, and created my own jobs. But it hasn’t always been fun or easy.

I felt anxious all the time because there was so much to do. I would dread going to work in the morning but felt stuck and trapped in the golden handcuffs. I was exhausted and full of self-doubt and knew I was heading towards burnout.

Out of nowhere, my position was eliminated and any motivation I had at work was gone.

when I hired a coach and everything changed

That’s when I
hired a coach and
everything changed.

Learning how to feel driven using logical tools made all the difference. Turns out there was nothing wrong with me. I just hadn’t learned how to manage the noise in my head.

I realized this is a major missing component at tech companies. So I became certified as a life coach and started helping others feel proud and valued in their work again.

There’s an easier way.

As someone with a tech degree, I love working with other tech-minded people to help them deliver on their projects without needing to work harder. Not just deliver, but lead teams through complex issues while feeling motivated and excited.

I’ve created a coaching program specific for tech employees where you’ll get 1:1 help with your specific issues.

You’ll learn tools to manage the pressure and stress that comes with work. You’ll learn how to stop optimizing to other people’s opinions, how to fail forward faster, and how to like yourself along the way. You’ll also learn where confidence comes from, how to create more of it, and what to do when you feel stuck.

After going through this coaching program, clients have been promoted, successfully made it through performance improvement plans, stopped working nights and weekends, changed jobs because they wanted to and not because they were running away from crazy teams, figured out the right next step in their career, and stopped constantly being overwhelmed by their to do list.

The first step is to schedule an intro call.

We’ll spend 30 minutes talking about where you’re at in your career and where you want to be. You’ll be able to get some free help and an honest perspective no one has told you before.