Answer these 3 questions to know if you should rotate teams

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Most people will change jobs and rotate positions, but knowing when to rotate can be tricky. Maybe you’ve been told you would be promoted for the last 3 quarters, but it’s not happening. Should you wait it out or rotate? Maybe you’ve been on the team for a few years and feel like people are expecting you to move, but you don’t know what you want your next move to be. Maybe the team re-orged and you job is completely different and not something you want to do. But have you ever rotated teams and been equally as miserable? How do you really know when it’s time to rotate? Honestly answer the following questions to find out: 

  1. WHY do you want to rotate?
  2. Do you feel good about your WHY?
  3. What are you trying to escape by rotating?

 Remember, we do everything based on how we feel. But the only reason we feel anything is because of our thinking. If you want to rotate to escape something like a bad manager, crappy project, or lack of respect you will find those same things on your next team because your brain rotates with you. If you are rotating to escape any negative emotion, I suggest working through it first. We all think changing our situation will solve the problem but remember other people and your job can’t make you feel anything. What you think about people or your job is driving your feelings and when you feel desperate and hopeless, you might end of taking the first thing that comes along or get into a situation that is no better. But if you want to rotate because you are ready for new challenges and want to shake things up go for it. Knowing that it’s going to be part good and part bad on your current OR new team removes all the drama and allows you to focus on working towards you goals. When you start exploring other teams because you are curious what else is out there you are going to make a more level headed decision that helps move you forward regardless of circumstances that are out of your control. So, if you like your reason WHY you want to rotate and it feels true to your career goals, then it’s the perfect time. If you want help figuring out if you should rotate, let’s jump on the phone for some free coaching. Sign up here.

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