Answering this one question will guarantee you will reach your goals this year

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Have you ever set a goal and been super excited and dedicated to it for a few weeks and then just given up because it’s hard and not fun? Good news. You’re not alone.

It’s funny how we get real serious and committed to something, but after the third or forth tough encounter with it, our commitment starts to slip and we start slowly giving up.

Say your goal is to wake up early and exercise 5x week. For most of us, it goes a little something like this:

Day 1, you are up and at em feeling good. Day 2 you are a bit tired, but still focused on your commitment. Day 3, it starts to get real. You’re tired and it’s cold and you REALLY don’t want to get up, but you do it anyways. Day 4, Na. You’ve earned a break and can do it tomorrow.

Your brain is built to be as efficient as possible so changing habits, routines, and trying new things throws it into panic mode. Of course you will find a million valid excuses to keep sleeping. Of course it’s going to feel better right that minute to hit snooze. But you are the only one holding yourself back from your goals.

What would it be like to set a goal and actually stick to it, EVEN WHEN YOU DON’T WANT TO? What if you stuck to it every time you dreaded it, had something better to do, or were totally justified quitting? Image how much you could do.

I say set big goals. Huge ones that seem really hard but instead of focusing on the end result, ask yourself this one question and come up with a game plan for every single answer.

Question: Why won’t I reach my goal?

Here’s what my 2019 goal looks like.

Goal: Build a 200k coaching business by December 31, 2019.
Why it won’t work (all of my excuses) and my plan to overcome them:
I don’t have enough time.

  • Get very specific with everything that needs to be done, calendar it out, and do what is on my calendar NO MATTER WHAT.

I can’t do well in my day job and my side gig at the same time. Something will have to give.

  • Be willing to move forward with B- work. Don’t waste time making things “perfect”. Stay focused on my goals and don’t get distracted by other ideas of things I can do. If it’s not work directly related to my work or business goals, the answer is no.

I don’t know how to do it.

  • All I have to know is the one next step. Keep taking action, learning, and moving forward. You’re not supposed to know. Keep trying until I DO know.

How am I going to get enough people to buy my program?

  • Keep making offers. Keep using these tools on myself and getting personal results. Give people free results ahead of time. Stay focused on WHY I want to build this business and not the money.

What if they don’t like my program?

  • Ask for feedback and be willing to change. Be willing to let people be wrong about me and my program. Don’t make it mean anything about me if someone does not like the program.

Working nights is hard when I’ve been working all day.

  • So what. Reaching my goal will feel that much better when I’m willing to work that much harder for it. If I love doing it and it’s helping people, is it really “hard?” Find a belief that serves me better than “it’s hard.”

Want help defining your 2019 goals and creating a clear plan to get there? Sign up for some free coaching and let’s rock 2019 together.

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