Get Promoted When You Have A Bad Manager

How to start the conversation & get your manager to say yes

Meet Your Coach, Lindsay Lyman

Hey! I’m here to help you get promoted and feel great about your career. I became a coach after a tough experience where, despite being a top performer, my position was cut. Finding a new role wasn’t easy, but I used self-confidence and creativity to find one, land a promotion and build my own team. With almost 12 years at Amazon, I thrived in a demanding environment, getting promoted multiple times and working across eight different areas. Now, as a certified life coach with five years of experience, I want to help you achieve similar success.

My coaching is practical and easy to follow, focusing on building confidence in who you are, not just in what you do. I understand the pressures of fast-paced jobs and the challenges of bad managers, burnout, and feeling stuck. Many clients have achieved remarkable transformations, like going from a performance plan to getting promoted or finding higher-paying jobs with fewer hours. I believe in treating people as humans first, offering empathetic, honest guidance to help you achieve your goals. Let’s work together to get you promoted and improve your work life and overall well-being.