Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose

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Guys. I love the TV show Friday Night Lights. Like watch the entire series every year kind of love. The character are hilarious and who does not love Tim Riggins.

I know I’m not alone in this and now every time I drive past a High School football stadium and think about Riggins living on his land in TX someplace, enjoying a beer with Skeeter.

Before and after every game, Coach Taylor would give some kind of a pep talk and always ended it with the phrase, “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.” Cheese as it sounds, I LOVE this mantra. It really is true when you stop and think about it.

These last few weeks at work have been a doozy. It’s Holiday prep time and the quarterly review cycle and everyone seems to be on edge. Nothing is good enough, they always want more, and the cards seem to be stacked against me.

Today, I decided to practice thinking this mantra and guess what, it totally helped. I stayed clear on what results I needed to deliver, tried to find ways to feel compassion for myself along the way, and had an overall productive day. So often I just get caught up in the overwhelm of the never ending to do list that I don’t get series about getting things done.

So next time you are feeling stuck in overwhelm and self pity, try finding a way to stay focused on what really matters, come at it from love, and watch what you are able to accomplish.

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