How to always get the best manager

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Since your manager impacts so much of your day to day life at work, I used to freakout if I was put under a “bad manager.”

Then one day I realized that I’m actually the best manager for myself.

I’m the one who really knows what I am great at and what I’m not. I know what’s really going on with me. I know what I need to grow and to learn. I’m the one that will do the work to get myself promoted.

It’s all me.

It was empowering to realize this. Who my manager was did not really matter because it was just a circumstance. It was just reality. I could fight against it and make myself miserable, or I could manage myself. I could manage my expectations, work, and priorities. Who my actual manager was became irrelevant.

Learning the skill of managing your own mind is the MOST important skill you can ever learn and will make or break your career. It will push you to try new things and make you unstoppable at reaching your goals.

If you want help learning how to manager your brain to slow down the ticker tape of stressful thoughts, sign up here for free coaching. You have nothing to lose, but so much to gain.

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