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Growing up my teachers often said there is no such thing as a dumb question to encourage questions, but they lied. There are dumb questions and we all ask them everyday.

Your brain loves a questions and is always looking for evidence and an answer to whatever question you ask, but have you ever stoped and really looked at the questions you ask yourself in a day?

I dare you to write down every questions you ask yourself.

  • Why can’t I get up earlier?
  • Why can’t I lose weight and keep it off?
  • Why do I have to be the one to do it?
  • Why can’t if figure this out?
  • What was the point of that meeting?
  • Why am I the only one that cares?

When you ask yourself a disempowering question, you get disempowering answers that does nothing to help you so it’s a pretty dumb question.

  • Why can’t I get up earlier? Because I went to bed to late and am not a morning person
  • Why can’t I lose weight and keep it off? Because it’s hard and donuts are delicious
  • Why do I have to be the one to do it? Because no one else is capable.

You get the point. None of these answers are actually helping you get the results or answers you are looking for. What you need to do is ask yourself more empowering questions.

  • How do I want to start my day?
  • Why do I really want to lose weight?
  • How can I empower others to be self-service?
  • What’s one thing I could try?
  • How can i make this fun?
  • How else could I get this done?

So stop asking dumb questions and start getting the answers you are really looking for.

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