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How many times a day do you think you tell yourself there’s not enough time? I tried counting today and lost count because who has time for that.

Here’s usually how my day goes.

Alarm goes off and I’m totally confused because there is no way it’s really time to get up. Snooze a few times and wake up 40 minutes late in panic and probably not shower. Who needs it when we live in a world with dry shampoo.

Wake up the kids, get everyone out the door and start thinking about work. This is where the panic starts to creep in and I start mapping out how there’s not enough time to get it all done.

Drop kids off and start thinking about what’s on my personal to do list and remind myself there’s not enough time.

Start working and spend a good 30 minutes thinking about how much there is to do and planning it all out so it’s just right.

Go to a meeting and get assigned more things to do and try to politely tell them….it’s gonna have to wait. There’s not enough time.

Back to work and get everything set up to really get serious about the project due tomorrow.

Dial into another meeting and try to multiple task, but really just stress about how I don’t have time to be on this call and waste more time.

Back to work, but hey…I’m hungry. A girl has got to eat.

Grab food and eat at my desk, but work on a personal to-do item because I deserve a lunch break.

Spend a few solid ours in the afternoon really focused getting some of my work done, while stressing about all the other things I’m not going to get to. Tell myself I’ll finish those two other projects tonight after the kids go to bed and call it a day.

Rush out the door to grab the kids, rush them into the car and home, rush through dinner, rush them into bed, yell at them for getting out of bed, and then tell myself I need to sleep to really be productive tomorrow at work so I’ll just go to bed and get up early and do the work in the morning.

Then…rinse and repeat.

You guys. There’s not enough time is the worst thought ever. It’s so not helpful and making me feel like time is really slipping away, but who do I think I am. I’ve got 24 hours in a day just like everyone else in the world.

What if you just decided that there’s exactly the right amount of time? What if you stopped rushing everywhere and had time to relax and enjoy the day? What if you just decided to say no and yes and then no again and stoped trying to multi task and got things done? What if you had too much time? How amazing would that be.

How you spend your time is totally up to you so I say start taking back control over it. Choose to work for your employer and you chose to spend time with friend and family. Chose to take ownership of projects that are asked of you and you chose to say no or delegate other things. You are able to control your time simply by your thoughts about it.

So what are you going to chose to think? Tomorrow I dare you to start thinking I own my time, and just watch how much better you day is.

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