What is life coaching?

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I use to think life coaching was a bunch of vision boards, manifesting things you want, and far out there woo-woo rituals. I’m a pretty straight up, tell it like it is, logically minded person so when my friends would tell me they hired a life coaching I would smile and silently judged them for being one of those crazy people. I’ve never been so glad to be wrong in my life!   Life coaching is a way to take people from living a good life to an amazing life. It’s not a substitute for a therapist who will treat acute mental disorders or diseases, but it’s tools to help you manage your emotional life. You probably know the tools of effect communication, time management, and project planning, but do you know the tools of how to be confident, how to stop feeling overwhelmed, and what to do when most days are bad days? Life coaching does not focus on treating the symptoms of the pain or shortcomings, but on finding the root cause of each symptom and helping people find ways to create change. For example, have you ever been miserable in your job because of a bad manager or crappy projects?   Did you then search for a new job, feel really good about it but eventually start to feel miserable about your job again?  Life can sometimes feel like a cycle of the same problem over and over again and most people just assume that’s how it goes.    There is an option to get out of the cycle and life coaching teaches you how to do just that. Treating the “symptom” of the bad job by finding a new job is not going to get you long term enjoyment at work. You have to find the “root cause” of what makes you miserable and work on that. Our school systems all focus on IQ so it’s not your fault you don’t know how to manage your emotions. No one ever taught you. Life coaching focuses on EQ by teaching how to deal with all the crap life throws at you. If you want to find out more and try it for free, let’s jump on the phone. Sign up for free life coaching here.

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