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We all have a few stories we tell. There’s the story we tell other people about our life and the one we tell ourself.

The one we tell others usually highlights the good things and masks the bad.

Mine use to sound something like this.

I work full time during the day, am a mom to 3 wonderful girls, am a life coach on the side, and love spending time with my family.

But the story I use to tell myself sounded like this.

I’ve been with my employer for over 7 years and don’t know how I’ve lasted this long. It’s sucking the life out of me and I’m so over it. My kids drive me crazy. Having twins is so hard and I hate when they act their age. I don’t think bedtime is going to get any easier for a long time. I feel bad that I don’t spend much time with my family because of my coaching stuff, but I just love it and if I’m not working on myself how can I help my family. There’s not enough time to get everything I want done, but I’m so sick of feeling behind on everything in life. Why can’t I just figure it out and make it work? What is wrong with me?

Am I alone here? I did not think so.

What you tell yourself about your life is what your brain will find evince of and let me tell you. I use to have a buttload of evidence to backup my story. However, it was not helping me reach my goals or allowing myself to grow in a healthy way, but just kept me stuck and feeling like I was on a crazy cycle that would not end.

So one day I decided to re-write my story. I told myself I had to present it as good new, but I also had to be honest. Here’s how it went.

I’ve made a ton of money at my job and am so lucky to be mortgage free at my age. It’s so freeing. My job has taught me so many things about running a successful business and I love a lot of the overall theories and concepts I’ve learned. My kids are hilarious. Every night at bedtime they like to show me their “ice cream dance” and shake their tinny little bums until they fall down. It drives me crazy, but I also can’t help but laugh every time. I’m getting a lot of great practice coaching people and it makes me so excited. These tools are amazing and I want everyone to have them. I love that I have so many big goals and dreams and I love that I’m willing to work hard to reach them. I can’t wait to see how it all turns out. I’m proud of how much I’ve grown and that I’m still a human being that makes mistakes but keeps on getting back up.

What’s your story? Try writing down your current story and the re-write it in a positive way that you already believe. Then read the positive one over and over until it becomes your default story so your brain can find buttloads of evidence for it. It’s the coolest thing ever to literally see the change in yourself.

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