When you hit your breaking point

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Today was NOT my day. Have you ever had one of those days where everything that could go wrong just seems to go wrong? I’ve tried all day to fight it and pretend it was not there, but it’s not going away and pretending it’s not there has just made it worse.

I finally hit my breaking point and had myself a good cry and am FINALLY feeling some relief.
It’s crazy to me that we spend so much effort trying not to feel bad, but when we actually just feel it, it starts to go away. A feeling is only a vibration in your body and it won’t kill you. It’s not always pleasant, but the worst thing that could happy is a vibration in your body.

One of our brain’s main jobs is to seek pleasure, but if we don’t ever feel sad and lonely and overwhelmed we will never know what excited and connected and fulfilled feel like. We often get this logically, but in practice it’s sometimes more challenging to accept.

All day today I keep trying to convince myself not to think thoughts that were making me feel frustrated, but I could not get out of the funk. Once I finally came to terms with reality that I was just feeling frustrated, I ACTUALLY STARTED TO FEEL WHAT FRUSTRATED REALLY FELT LIKE.

I feel frustration in my shoulders and upper chest. it feels dark blue and green and like sludge that’s swashing back and forth between my shoulders in my chest. Frustration is heavy and bubbles sometimes. I image it smells horrible. Frustration makes my shoulders feel like weights, but my shoulders are always tense trying to hold the weight up. When i’m frustrated, my heart beat feels intense, but not any faster than normal, just a strong pounding. And sometimes my eyeballs water a lot as well.

It’s not the most pleasant feeling, but it’s also not the worst. And the most amazing part is, now that I’ve actually felt it, it’s gone. I already feel lighter and better. I’m more focused on the great night of sleep I’ll get and how much fun this weekend is going to be.

So the next time you feel like it’s just not your day and nothing is going right, try actually FEELING your negative emotions. I promise it won’t hurt.

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