Why motivation won’t get you to your goal

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Motivation is an amazing thing. It’s helps us be willing to change habits we don’t want to keep. It helps us get things done. It makes us excited along the way, but what happens when you’re not motivated, but still want to do all the things?

Maybe you want to get up earlier to exercise or have a few minutes to be still and start the morning off without rushing into life. Maybe you want to spend time really figuring out what you want out of your career.  Maybe you want to start the side gig you keep thinking about, but never have the time or energy to work on.

We all tend to have things we want, but give ourselves the easy out if we are not feeling motivation. Image what your life would be like if motivation was not required. How different would your life be? Where would your career be? What would your day look like?

Motivation can help us get started, but if we really want the result, it’s so much more powerful to not be dependent on motivation.

Say for example you wanted to start a side gig. Most people get super excited and motivated when they come up with the idea. They find time to work on a business plan and move forward. Fast forward a few weeks and the motivation might be gone because you ran into a few roadblocks and got busy with your day job.  Most of us keep thinking about our dream side gig, but don’t keep working on it when we are tired, or stressed, or overwhelmed, or feeling anything less than motivated.

Motivation is often temporary because our beliefs change as we get more evidence to support or disprove them. You were motivated at first because you knew your side gig was going to be your dream job one day. When you run into a few snags and don’t have the time, that belief in your dream job starts to get harder to hold onto and the motivation is gone. Now you are stressed and overwhelmed so of course you are not going to keep working on it.

Did you know that stress and overwhelm are all just feelings and you can’t actually die from a feeling? It’s true.

The key to reaching your goals is learning how to feel the negative emotions that WILL come up and still keep moving forward. Motivation is not required.

Next week I’ll teach you how to keep moving forward when those negative emotions come up, because they will.

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