Why you feel the way you do

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Most of us think we feel a certain way because of the situation we are in or because of other people.

Maybe you’re stuck in traffic and you are stressed because you’re going to be late.

Or your manager changes and you’re annoyed because now your promotion might get pushed back again.

What about your frustration with the lack of work life balance because of where you work?

The truth is, the reason you feel stressed, annoyed, or frustrated is actually because of your thoughts. It’s true and the CTFA model explains is so clearly.

Circumstances (C) are neutral facts that everyone would agree with. We have thoughts (T) about each circumstance and that’s what creates our feelings (F). If our feelings came from our circumstances, everyone would feel the same way.

For example, Donald Trump is the President of the United States. It’s not good or bad. It’s just a neutral fact. Some people feel excited and hopefully when they think about this and others feel worried and angry. Same circumstance, totally different feelings.

The only reason we feel anything is because of thoughts we think AND THIS IS THE BEST NEWS EVER because it means you are in control of how you feel no matter who your manager is, how much traffic there is, or where you work.

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