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Helping your team feel connected in today's hybrid setting is harder than ever.

Some employees have never been to the office while others are feeling unsure about where the company is heading. Employees have more work options than ever and retaining your top talent is top of leaders minds.

Helping your employees feel seen, heard, and validated is crucial to being an empathetic leader. Adding engaging speakers that focus on the emotional side of work is the fastest way to do this. When your employees feel important and that you’re investing in their wellbeing, their productivity reflects it and they’re less likely to leave the company.

looking for a dynamic speaker

If you’re looking for a dynamic speaker

For your next team meeting, you’re in the right place.

Lindsay has been a guest speaker hundreds to groups ranging from 5 to 5,000.

Speaking events can be tailored to your team and specific challenges, but our most popular workshops have been:


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Our discussions always revolve around the specifics of certain situations, however, I find that Lindsay’s pragmatic advice extends beyond to other avenues as well. It has been truly refreshing and inspirational. I look forward to continue learning, discussing, and leaning on her.


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When I found Lindsay, I had no motivation at work, dreaded going in, and had so much anxiety. I use to lose sleep because I was sure I would screw something up if I got paged. Working with her taught me how to better manage the stress, build my self-confidence, and find my motivation again.


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This coaching was very beneficial and highly recommend it to anyone who is trying to figure out their next move in a job or life. Since getting coaching, I already notice a difference in how I view myself at work and how I respond to situations I once used to respond to negatively.

Amazon Employee

Below is a clip from one of Lindsay’s workshops to a group of tech employees.

Her approachable style combined with real life examples continue to keep her in demand for speaking engagements.

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